Block-by-Block ~ 40 Days of "Love Your Neighbor/hood"

Team-up with others beginning July 14th

Every neighborhood / Every community / Every Jesus-follower / Every congregation

Begin to pray for your neighbors, house-by-house, block-by-block [Prayer]
Look for opportunities to be kind, helpful, provide a service, solve a problem, advocate for justice [Care]
Ask the Holy Spirit to give you an open door to tell your Jesus-story [Share]
Momentum begins when

  • you live the Prayer Care Share life; every day
  • your family walks across the hall/street/driveway with an act of love
  • your fellowship group or ministry team tackles a project in your zip code (when you submit that project here, others can engage Chicago with you as partners)
  • your congregation commits to 40 days of love-motivated prayer, love-motivated caring, love-motivated sharing of the Good News that Jesus brings to anyone who trusts him

See what other families/communities/cities have done during their 40 Days Of Love …plus resources to help you recruit a team!