Explore God Chicago

Inviting, Investigating the "7 Big Questions About God"

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The Church across Chicagoland inviting our coworkers, neighbors, colleagues to explore the “7 Big Questions About God”

We dare to imagine

  • 1000 congregations – ministries – enterprises
  • billboards – social media – yard signs
  • thousands of small conversation groups
  • homes … coffee shops … cell blocks
  • thought-stirring sermons  in reach of every Chicagoan

I believe we have a problem – –

Chicago is a beautiful, world-class city suffering from world class problems.

Every city neighborhood and, increasingly so, every suburban community are struggling; some in crisis.

Violence. Death by drug overdose. Failing families and schools. Declining church attendance with a decreasing influence.

I convinced we have a responsibility to attack these spiritual and cultural dis-eases – –

Leaders from across Chicagoland are calling for the Church to respond. Together. With the Gospel.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ that transforms lives from the inside, out.

“Explore God Chicago” is an opportunity to do just that.

Congregations small and large … devoting seven weeks (January-February 2019) to inviting neighbors and colleagues … to investigate foundational spiritual questions. A weekly sermon. A weekly small group conversation. Church members equipped to reach out and empowered to facilitate these investigative, relational, discussions.

I am asking you to be an early adopter – – 

The vision driving Explore God Chicago is for an unprecedented same-time outreach from 1000 city and suburban congregations.

Each church faithful to their distinct identity, as we move out together at the same time with the same objective; engaging people to explore a deeper, closer, truer relationship with their Creator and Savior.

I am asking you to prayerfully consider – – 

Enlisting your church. By the end of January. To include your members in this campaign. To influence leaders of other churches.

Please take 2 minutes to review the reasons and (free) resources at ExploreGod/Chicago … a one-pager is also attached.

I am hoping the Lord will lead you to say yes. 

We need you. Your ministry.  Your leadership.

Imagine 1,000 churches from south-north-west sides and suburbs … billboards and media (and your members!) inviting Chicago to explore God…

• Find out more … Get connected … www.ExploreGod.com/Chicago