God orchestrated a profound moment when we were joined by (left to right) Chicago Chief of Police Eddie T. Johnson, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Janice Jackson, to welcome the Lord’s power and presence into Chicago.


What a day we experienced in Chicago on May 26th as a significant coalition of Jesus’ Ekklesia came together at Salem Baptist Church’s “House of Hope” to declare that God’s power will transform the city.


Host pastor, Rev. James Meeks, and a committed core group led by Pastor Michael Eaddy, Father Dimitri Sala, Apostle H. Daniel Wilson, Bishop Ed Peecher, Pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin, Pastors Lennell and Antoinette Willis, Pastor Carlos Chica,

Dr. Mildred Harris and Rick Heeren helped facilitate the magnificent gathering of local believers who said “YES!” to adopting their city through prayer evangelism so that its most afflicted neighborhoods will see violence, gang activity and drug trafficking be replaced with righteousness, peace and joy.


I was so impressed as the local team led us in symbolically laying down our “crowns” at the altar while an anointed dance troupe in beautiful pageantry brought in a small replica of the Ark of the Covenant. The crowns represented our own ministerial dominions which have to be surrendered in order for transformation to come. Awesome!


This all set the stage for me to walk everyone through what God has already done to radically transform places like Ciudad Juarez, Vallejo, Jacksonville, and Newark, New Jersey. I was moved over and over again as they literally cheered each time the documentaries highlighted the miracles and statistical changes in those places. Did these dear saints want it for Chicago? ABSOLUTELY!!


In the afternoon, we were honored to be joined by Chicago’s civic leaders who quickly realized they had entered a place where they were going to be purposefully blessed. The Chief of Police and the Superintendent both acknowledged their Christian faith. The Mayor is Jewish but he soaked in the presence. We declared this upcoming July 1st, and every July 1st after, “Bless the Mayor Day”, and prayed for him.



“There are people on the streets who are spiritually broken. That’s not what we do [in civic service], that’s what you do…Take what you’re building out onto the streets of Chicago, and we’ll be a better city. There’s a spiritual aching and, as we know, our young men are yearning for what you provide.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

May 26, 2018


“It’s amazing to come here today and really have that intersection of Church and State, because while I believe in the premise of [their] separation, I personally am a woman of God and I know that I’m in a position to do this great work because He put me into this position.”


Superintendent of Schools Janice Jackson

May 26, 2018



Chicago is eagerly awaiting the manifestation of the children of God. Their leaders are asking for it. The need calls for it. It is time!


The local Ekklesia is assembled and getting trained. Now the global transformation family is stepping up to facilitate and help them adopt their city in prayer. This is the moment to pray for Chicago because if it is transformed, any city in the U.S. can be. If the U.S. can be transformed, any nation can.


A large delegation from Chicago will be at our Global Conference in September. Please join them in San Jose to be inspired, refreshed and equipped so that what God does in Chicago will be multiplied. Click here for details or to register.


Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support as it is what God used to get us there to kick off this major kingdom advance.



Ed Silvoso, for the entire Transform Our World Team

Ed Silvoso – Transform Our World | P.O. Box 20310, San Jose, CA 95160

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